Artec Aqua Flowthrough System™ – FTS

Flow-through systems have been the fundamental technology since the start of the aquaculture business. When the fish density at the facilities started to increase, the first measure was to introduce oxygen into the tanks. Plants referred to today as “flow-through plants” normally feature a water treatment process that comprises oxygenation, temperature regulation and stripping.

We primarily recommend flow-through systems for hatcheries and initial feeding facilities:

Why flow-through?

  • In principle, hatcheries and initial feeding facilities require little water
  • Undemanding to operate
  • Great flexibility
  • Low risk of loss of biomass
  • Low investment costs

Typical features of flow-through plants:

  • Use raw water (fresh water and/or seawater)
  • The water runs straight through the tank without any kind of reuse or recirculation
  • Oxygen is added to the water
  • Energy systems are used to heat the water.
  • Flow-through is the most commonly used technology at hatcheries and initial feeding facilities
  • High operational reliability
  • Simple to operate
  • Biologically closest to the “system” that exists in nature

Example of a tank with flow-through:

  • 8-metre diameter tank, 2-metre water column
  • 14 °C
  • 100,000 fish @ 50 g
  • 50 kg/m3
  • Oxygen saturation, outlet: 80%
  • Water requirement without oxygenation:
    14,000 l/min, theoretical replacement time, 7.1 min
  • Water requirement with oxygenation:
    1.700 l/min, theoretical replacement time, 59 min