We supply facilities equipped with flowthrough, hybrid and RAS technologies. Our advice on the best technical solution in each case is therefore entirely impartial. Often, the best solution will be a combination of several technologies – based on the available water resources.

Artec Aqua Flowthrough System™

Our flexible solution with full water flowthrough. For facilities with stable access to raw water of a suitable temperature. Artec Aqua Flowthrough System™ provides the best cost/benefit performance at sites that enjoy favourable and stable conditions, and where the temperature of the raw water does not fall below 8°C in winter.

Flowthrough technology has been fundamental for the onshore aquaculture industry since its inception. Artec Aqua Flowthrough System™ replicates most closely the biological conditions found in nature, and is the most biosecure system. The facilities operate equally well with fresh water or seawater.

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  • High water quality
  • For ongrowing facilities (1-6 kg)
  • The most commonly used solution for hatcheries and initial feeding facilities
  • Purification of intake water ensures the best possible water quality
  • Optimal biosecurity, no risk of hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • Simple and operationally reliable, with easy-to-follow procedures and supervision.

Artec Aqua Hybrid System™

The best of both worlds. Recirculation of up to 65% of the water volume. For hatcheries with sufficient access to fresh water, as well as for post-smolt and ongrowing facilities without access to raw water of a suitable temperature, and where controlled water temperature is desired. An Artec Aqua Hybrid System™ is the most cost-effective solution where the raw water needs to be heated.

From a technical point of view, an Artec Aqua Hybrid System™ is much the same as an Artec Aqua Flowthrough System™. The only difference is the CO2 aerator.  

The main component in an Artec Aqua Hybrid System™ is the DeGasso CO2 device that we have developed ourselves.

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  • Høy vannkvalitet.
  • DeGasso CO2 ensures effective removal of carbon dioxide. As a result, the hybrid system uses just 35% of the water volume needed in a flowthrough system
  • Each tank has its own CO2 aerator, which means the tank remains a separate infection zone
  • Water always remains at the desired temperature
  • Considerably higher level of biosecurity than with RAS
  • Optimal biosecurity, no risk of hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • Simple and operationally reliable, with easy-to-follow procedures and supervision

Artec Aqua RAS™

RAS with optimal water quality. For facilities where the available water volume is limited or where emission requirements preclude the use of other technologies.

The tank farm in an Artec Aqua RAS™ facility is almost identical to that of a flowthrough or hybrid system. Only the facilities’ technical rooms differ materially from each other.

The heart of the RAS module is the biofilter. We have developed our own Multistep MB biofilter, which is based on a moving-bed reactor for effective conversion of ammonia.

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  • Høy vannkvalitet.
  • Minimised risk of hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • Flexible – can be run in both hybrid and flowthrough modes
  • Individual temperature regulation of each tank, as well as the isolation of individual tanks in connection with maintenance and repair work
  • Scores high for both water quality and fish health
  • Low stress level for the fish – among the best documented for onshore aquaculture (Nord University)
  • Optimal utnyttelse av vannressursen og maksimal produksjon.
  • Enkle og sikre i drift, med oversiktlige prosedyrer og enkelt tilsyn med prosesser og biofilter.