Artec Aqua RAS™

Artec Aqua AS has developed a recirculation system adapted to the Norwegian market. The system has been examined by experts, with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) conducting tests on water quality and fish health, and the University of Nordland (UiN) performing stress measurements.

The reports from NIVA and UiN demonstrate that the concept produces water of good quality and some of the lowest stress levels ever measured in onshore aquaculture operations.


  • A documented recirculation installation
  • A high level of sub-flows for water processing means that less water has to be pumped over the biofilter.
  • Low costs for heating the raw water supplied to the plant.

Examples of water consumption:

Flow-through system, FTS:

Water requirements: 1,700 l/min
Theoretical replacement time: 59 min.

Flow through system with regeneration, FTS-R:

Water requirements: 700 l/min
Theoretical replacement time: 147 min.


Water requirements: 70 l/min
Theoretical replacement time: 1,440 min (1 day)

RAS vs. FTS og FTS-R:

Higher complexity and higher risk of infection.
Higher demands on operation and maintenance of technical equipment.
Also requires work to tend the bacteria in the biofilter.

Report on Artec Aqua RAS:

Viktor Fiveland, VP Innovation

“The report findings are fantastic – they almost exceed expectations. We really have hit the bull’s eye here with our concept. That said, products and processes can always be improved, and we must continue to focus on what we can improve and develop even further.”

Ole-Kristian Hess-Erga, researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA):

“Artec Aqua has done a thorough job in having its concept documented. The measurements show good results and the recirculation concept can be used in commercial smolt production on equal footing with a conventional flow-through system.”