Career opportunities at Artec Aqua

Join an organisation that provides more than ‘just’ good aquaculture solutions.

Vacant positions

An environment to grow in

Since our establishment in 2002, we have concentrated firmly on being the best at what we do. Over the years, this has led to successful results, the best people in the business and a fantastic professional environment that we are extremely proud of.


A sector for the future

Demand for onshore aquaculture facilities is expected to grow substantially in the near future.

This expectation is based on the prospect of few new sea-farm licences being granted, combined with the industry’s high rate of innovation. The development of onshore production facilities offers good opportunities for the farming of new species and operational integration from roe to harvestable fish.

A young company going places

We are a growth-driven company, with a high rate of innovation in a business whose potential we are only just starting to see.

Open applications

We are always on the lookout for clever people who want to join our team. If you have skills and expertise that could fit into our professional environment, please get in touch.

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